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We explore all levels of biology—from molecules and cells to plants and animals. Through experiences on and off campus, we mentor you and nurture your curiosity and understanding of the living world.

The biology program at Alma College will introduce you to the study of life and provides abundant opportunities for individual research. General offerings include genetics, physiology, microbiology, botany and ecology. More advanced courses are offered in animal behavior, aquatic biology, immunology, evolution and more.

Check out the ecology and bird banding research Abi Fergus ’18 is doing during the summer months in her blog Alma Ornithology: Bird Banding.

Alma College is a great place to start your career in medicine, dentistry or veterinary science; biotechnology; biological research; environmental biology and high school biology teaching.

Career opportunities for graduates of the biology program span the professions in health, ecology, natural resources and teaching. Alma’s program also provides strong preparation for graduate school. Alma alumni are working as environmental consultants, epidemiologists, naturalists, physicians, cancer researchers, botanists and teachers.

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    Alma College alumna Jamie Blow has spent the last 32 years keeping communities around the globe safe from infectious diseases transmitted by insects.

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    “My undergrad experience prepared me with the skills I need to work in healthcare. Patients come from all walks of life and social situations. If I had just studied one thing, I’d be missing a major part of the puzzle that you need to have to be an effective physician.” — Dr. Gregory Bechill ’90

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    Summer research takes place both in and outside of the classroom. Here are two examples of faculty-directed studies that address real-world problems.