Art and Design


Clack Art Center provides excellent studios and classrooms for undergraduate art students, who have access to most of these spaces 24/7. Excellent digital facilities, individual artist’s studios, gallery, lecture hall and studios for each area.

Teaching & Studio Spaces

Ceramics Studio

The ceramics studio has areas for hand-building and wheel-throwing as well as a glaze lab, where students formulate and make their own glazes. Three electric kilns, a large Alpine gas kiln, and a gas-fired raku kiln in the sculpture courtyard allow students to work with a wide range of ceramic forms and surfaces.


Drawing Studio

The large, well-lit drawing studio is the home for beginning drawing classes and for students studying life drawing. Large drawers provide space for students to store their portfolios and art supplies.


Graphic Design/Digital Imaging/Photo Studio

 Our Photo and Design areas come equipped with a dark-room for film developing, a lighting studio for professional photography, a computer lab loaded with the latest in design software and photo/poster printers, and lastly, our 3-D printer!


Painting Studio

Panorama-Painting Studio 2015

The Painting Studio is a long, open workspace where classmates share square footage for their easels and materials.  Students create paintings from as small as a kitchen tile, to as large as an interstate billboard!


Printmaking Studio

The Printmaking Studio is where students learn the art of printmaking and costume design in a specialized course taught by the Department of Theatre and Dance’s Tina Vivian.


Sculpture Shop 

Panorama - Shop_2015

The sculpture studio is divided into three work areas with equipment for woodworking, welding and metal fabrication, and a large multi-purpose space. In the wood shop, students learn to work with a full range of power tools including the department’s new Sawstop table saw. The metal area is equipped with arc and MIG welders and is set up for oxy-acetelene welding. In the work court yard, there is a Raku kiln and a small building that houses a coal-fired forge. 


Individual Student Studios

On each side of the Painting Studio, there are individual studio spaces for students enrolled in Advanced Directed Studio courses. They enjoy having the ability to set up their own work spaces to suit the projects they are doing, and the arrangement of these studios creates a sense of community for the upper-level students. Students apply and are assigned spaces each term.


The Gallery

Panorama-Gallery-guests_15Two gallery spaces host new shows each month through the academic year. In the large Flora Kirsch Beck Gallery,  September’s Annual Juried Student Show begins the year, and the Senior Show is the last exhibit in the Spring. Exhibits by professional artists fill out the gallery schedule, and these artists usually do talks about their work or workshops for students while their work is in the gallery. Adjoining the office area is the smaller Lounge Gallery, where works by recent alumni or other emerging artists, prints from the Permanent Collection, or works related to the exhibits in the main gallery are shown. All exhibitions are free and open to the public.


Office Area

A central meeting place for faculty and students, this area is an extension of the Gallery where smaller exhibitions are displayed in the Lounge Gallery. Faculty offices are along the hallway, facing the Lounge Gallery, and you can find your faculty members there (or near-by) during posted office hours. This is also the home of The Sofa, a favorite resting spot for art students (and faculty) after long nights working in their studios.  Stop by and speak to Justin Fonley for friendly conversation and up-to-date news regarding the department!