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Our program includes a variety of traditional and digital media, offering both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
Art & Design offers three major programs:

1. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree is a pre-professional program in studio art or design. The B.F.A. is offered in the areas of

  • Graphic Arts: Graphic Design, Photography and New Media Arts (Motion Graphics and Digital Imaging) 
  • Three Dimensional Design: Ceramics and Sculpture and 3-D Printing Technology.
  • Drawing & Painting: Life Drawing, Story Boarding, Oil Painting, Watercolor, and Printmaking (lithography, Silkscreen, Intaglio and wood cut). 

2. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree program provides a more general study suitable for those wishing to combine their study of art with other liberal arts disciplines.

Art and Art History Minors

The art minor is comprised of 24 credits of studio art while the art history minor requires 24 credits of art history. If you’re looking to become a curator or gallery director, we offer courses and internships in arts management.

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