Your Alma Venture

Every student will have an Alma Venture, whether it’s summer research, internship, off-campus study, or some other experiential learning opportunity.

The Alma Commitment will offer you support for an Alma Venture to pursue your passion, explore your purpose in life, or just step out of your comfort zone and try something you never imagined. The Alma Venture will help you put classroom learning into practice through an amazing internship, research fellowship, hands-on clinical experiences, off-campus study, campus leadership opportunity or another approved learning experience.

For most students, this experience will occur in the junior year. That gives you time to figure out what will be the best opportunity for you. Think you can’t afford it? We will help with that.

Alma College is offering each incoming student up to $2,500 to offset related expenses for a qualifying experience. We want each student to have one of these hands-on practical experiences because we know that they are ideal preparation for that first job, graduate school or whatever you end up doing after college.

Learn more about the types of venture experiences you might elect, how to find your Alma Venture and the details of the program.