Creating a Sustainable Campus and Community

We intend to model citizenship by creating a sustainable campus that will ensure that the College will thrive for its next 125 years, reducing impact on the environment even as we build a sound basis for the College to thrive financially.

Objective Ten: We will strengthen the College’s finances measurably in key areas to assure financial stability into the future.


  • Develop financial benchmarks using peer colleges for comparative purposes and provide regular outcome reports to interested constituencies
  • Diversify revenue streams through the development of new and expanded ventures
  • Increase net tuition overall and per student by (target: inflation adjusted 30% increase) 

Objective Eleven: We will emphasize environmental sustainability in our core educational work as well as in all of our decision making as a College. We will ensure that building projects are developed with the environmental and economic sustainability of the campus and broader community as priorities.


  • Establish base-line measurements of campus’s impact on the globe and develop plan for reduction of use of resources
  • Increase awareness for all constituencies of importance of sustainability through curricular programs (Environmental Studies, for example) and through expansion of co-curricular programming
  • Increase visibility of sustainability efforts
  • Establish partnerships with local farms

Objective Twelve: We will cultivate a culture of philanthropy and engagement among all constituents of Alma College. Students, alumni, friends, and employees will celebrate and support this mission with their money, time, and skills.


  • Increase by 50% the number of alumni participating in social, career service, and admissions activities and events
  • Establish a record comprehensive campaign to bolster the endowment and fund building projects and new/enhanced programs
  • Increase the annual fund goal to $1.25m
  • Establish programs to foster an understanding among students of the importance of philanthropy to their Alma education, making clear their responsibilities as stewards of the College 

Objective Thirteen: We will assist our city of Alma—where we aim to create a seamless environment between the downtown and the campus—as well as communities across Mid-Michigan in order to help our region thrives in the decade to come. We intend to leverage the resources of the College for the benefit of the college and community alike.


  • Enhance Superior Street connection to downtown to facilitate the integration between the campus and the Alma community
  • Shift a percentage of student residents to the Alma downtown as a potential means of reducing capital expenditures while enhancing development on Superior Street
  • Place 100 interns per year in non-profits and governmental organizations across Mid-Michigan
  • Provide a forum for community dialogue, hosting 1-2 major dialogues per year