Growing the College

We will increase the size of the student body—and, correspondingly, the faculty and staff—in order to provide more opportunities for Alma students. We intend to grow the college to 1700 students in order a) to provide a richer and more diverse intellectual environment, a broader array of academic and co-curricular offerings and additional opportunities for leadership for our students, and b) to establish a more sustainable financial basis for the College’s operation.

Objective Six: We will reach out to new markets ranging from Chicago to China while increasing our strength across Michigan and especially in our home state’s urban centers.


  • Increase first year student enrollment to 440 and transfer student enrollment to 85 by 2017
  • Increase the number of out-of-state students to 12%
  • Increase number of students participating in key recruitment programs such as Honors, PRISM, Public Affairs by 20%
  • Establish recruitment strategies for each sport with outcome measures to assure success
  • Develop summer offerings with a particular emphasis on potential for future enrollment 

Objective Seven: We will ensure that the physical campus is the equal of peer institutions and meets the needs of students, faculty and staff alike.


  • Develop a campus master plan that will guide facilities initiatives for the next 15 years
  • Develop a new infrastructure to support Alma’s IT needs, while working to ensure connectivity to the world for all in the college community
  • Provide an integrated administrative system that improves efficiency, facilitates work flow, provides comprehensive, needed information and ensures appropriate privacy to all constituencies

Objective Eight: We will enable all of Alma’s constituencies—on the campus and off—to tell the compelling story of the College, identifying our key strengths.


  • Establish an integrated marketing plan with measurable outcomes aimed primarily at a) bolstering our recruitment effort and b) improving our national reputation
  • Broaden campus awareness of the message to ensure consistency and commitment
  • Increase engagement of alumni and others through social media

Objective Nine: We will ensure that Alma’s human resource policies and practices support the strategic initiatives and reward the contributions of faculty and staff.


  • Assure that faculty and staff are appropriately compensated, such that salary and benefits are in the top half of appropriate comparison groups
  • Monitor staffing ratios and add staff and faculty as needed to support enrollment growth
  • Cultivate a culture of innovation by encouraging both best practice—and measuring ourselves against a strong group of peer and aspirant colleges—and by providing resources to pilot innovations in our core work of educating students