Strategic Plan

Alma College’s mission is to prepare graduates who think critically, serve generously, lead purposefully, and live responsibly as stewards of the world they bequeath to future generations.


Reaffirms the mission and core values and poses strategies for sustainable growth.

Developing the Person and the Professional

Focuses on building programs that help students to reflect on personal and professional growth through their years at Alma and works to create a seamless, four-year developmental environment that leads our students, when they come to graduate, to personal and professional independence.

Growing the College

Increases the size of the student body—and, correspondingly, the faculty and staff—in order to provide more opportunities for Alma students.

Creating a Sustainable Campus and Community

Models citizenship by creating a sustainable campus that will ensure that the college will thrive for its next 125 years, reducing impact on the environment even as we build a sound basis for the College to thrive financially.