Protestor Protocol

Peaceful and non-obstructive campus demonstrations such as marches, meetings, picketing and rallies are permitted on the Alma College campus. Demonstrations are not disrupted unless the participants are violating the Student Code of Conduct (as outlined in the Handbook for Students). Such violations might include but are not limited to the following:

  • Intentional or reckless interference with normal College activities and functions. Examples of such activities/functions include but are not limited to studying, teaching, public speaking, research, administration of the College, or emergency (fire or police) operations.
  • Intentional interference with the freedom of expression of others.
  • Actions, explicit or implied threats, or gestures, which place a person in reasonable fear of unwelcome physical contact or harm.
  • Intentional or reckless behavior which may, or in fact does, deface or cause damage to College property or the property of others.

In the event of an anticipated campus demonstration, Alma College will identify a safe and secure demonstration space for protesters on college property if the protesters comply with the above stated Student Code of Conduct policies. Campus Safety and Security will be available to provide assistance and oversight for individuals who identify themselves as protestors. An assigned officer will be the focal point officer to address protestors, answer questions and monitor protest activities. Individuals who are not students or college employees will be requested to stay within the bounds of the exterior designated demonstration space.

Campus Safety and Security will determine if a demonstration is disruptive. If protestors fail to comply with instructions by Campus Safety and Security, they will be asked to leave. If individuals do not comply with the request to vacate, Alma City Police will be dispatched for further assistance. Ticketed patrons who verbally disrupt a public event will be asked to leave and escorted from the venue.